Larantuka Market


It was about 10 o’clock, I walked with Theo to explore Larantuka and we arrived at that city market. Theo said that traditional market will definitely give us all information the place’s crops and farms by just looking at them. Larantuka’s market was full with colourful vegetable but there wasn’t much fruit in there and since this city is in the end of an island, so they have many fishes in the market. I usually always taste everything that I found interesting if I go to a traditional market, here in Larantuka, my all time favourite is jagung titi. Corns, burned and pounded, a light snack to accompanying coffee and such.

It wasn’t really a busy market, but they all greeted us warmly. They called us a journalist just because we brought a camera, well, it’s one of my dream but, okay no need to talk about it. Yet. So they greeted, we talked, we laughed, asked a lil bit about the corps and of course bought 3 kilos jagung titi.

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