an intro to hopefully a never ending journey

Hi folks,

In June 13, I realized that I will be 23, plus 3 from what I have ever called ‘forever twenty’. That was the time when I committed to always feels like a 20 years old : passionate and ridiculously happy with a little things I have. Well, graduated last April made me feel dazed and confused. Why ? Where are those passions ? What should I do ? Those and all hundreds or maybe thousand question popped up in my head and of course also it has ever popped in your head. Graduating as a visual artist and having a very huge interest in cultures, human, empowering communities, remote area, etc. has made me realized that I have a very long bucket list to fulfill.

So I made this. This one’s for me, for celebrating every single magical (maybe an usual thing for you) thing that ever and would happened in my very humble life. Hoping and making my passions become true.



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