Little Nephew



I’ve been told that I’m stupid. It was harsh, but hilarious at the same time. Why people should really care about how you couldn’t count numbers without using your hand or about how you couldn’t remember the year of every president’s election. Well, I think the answer is because people simply love to be smarter, maybe just a light smarter, reading one more book or watching film that someone never been. I said it isn’t stupid. People simply never feel everything or experience everything.


Just a short shout, I will make the article tho. Wait.

Larantuka Market


It was about 10 o’clock, I walked with Theo to explore Larantuka and we arrived at that city market. Theo said that traditional market will definitely give us all information the place’s crops and farms by just looking at them. Larantuka’s market was full with colourful vegetable but there wasn’t much fruit in there and since this city is in the end of an island, so they have many fishes in the market. I usually always taste everything that I found interesting if I go to a traditional market, here in Larantuka, my all time favourite is jagung titi. Corns, burned and pounded, a light snack to accompanying coffee and such.

It wasn’t really a busy market, but they all greeted us warmly. They called us a journalist just because we brought a camera, well, it’s one of my dream but, okay no need to talk about it. Yet. So they greeted, we talked, we laughed, asked a lil bit about the corps and of course bought 3 kilos jagung titi.


Mudik (v) : Going back to your hometown

Living in one of Indonesia’s big city such as Bandung for almost 19 years has made me one of that nyunda girl. Talking with Sundanese accent with a ‘teh’ and ‘mah’ in almost every end of sentence like every othere Sundanese girl doesn’t make me feel like we’re all the same. So I started to ask my friends, done some little research, and I found out that Bandung is full with a comer from all other Sunda tribe all over West Java. I love to know that facts because I was actually born in Payakumbuh from a very multi-cultural family (I’ll tell you about it later). So we’re all have no difference in the differences.

Since I was live in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, where the people are tend to be a bit bolder than Sundanese, I also have those tendency to talk boldly to people. That’s how the first time a question popped up in my head, ‘I traveled to learn about other culture but how come I’ve never travel back to where I was born and I can’t recall any memories of that place ?’

Then I bought a ticket to my hometown.

Well, it’s not that simple. However, I finally arrived in Minangkabau International Airport and my neighbor, Om Ef, who used to babysit me, were standing right in front of the arrival gate. Waiting. To pick me. To going back to my hometown. So we drove, 2 hours long, and he was just keep talking, telling me stories. Stories that I couldn’t even remember and it made me feel blue. But the blue’s blown away when I arrive at my hometown. Payakumbuh.

Om Ef was still living next to our old house, it’s different. Some things change but I could remember the window where I and my brother used to sit hours waiting for our parents to come home in the evening. I could remember the paddy field in front of our house where I fell and cover my face with mud. I could remember the street where I was playing hide and seek then I stumbled to some rock and ripped of my chin. It was magical, how a place can bring back your memories that you’ve desperately have tried but nothing came up and just when you felt the atmosphere of those places, it just popped up.

Yep, the breeze will tell you everything and I bet these pictures could do more story-telling about how I feel. I feel home.


Warmest Regards,

Yang Merindu.

an intro to hopefully a never ending journey

Hi folks,

In June 13, I realized that I will be 23, plus 3 from what I have ever called ‘forever twenty’. That was the time when I committed to always feels like a 20 years old : passionate and ridiculously happy with a little things I have. Well, graduated last April made me feel dazed and confused. Why ? Where are those passions ? What should I do ? Those and all hundreds or maybe thousand question popped up in my head and of course also it has ever popped in your head. Graduating as a visual artist and having a very huge interest in cultures, human, empowering communities, remote area, etc. has made me realized that I have a very long bucket list to fulfill.

So I made this. This one’s for me, for celebrating every single magical (maybe an usual thing for you) thing that ever and would happened in my very humble life. Hoping and making my passions become true.